There are a lot of things that can cause seizures.  Head trauma, inherited, high fever, and stress are just a few reasons.  Stress is different for everyone.  There can be a bad day at home or work, an unexpected surprise (good or bad), hormones, sleepless nights, or just “waking up on the wrong side of the bed”.

Ways to help stress is different for everyone.  Here are some recommendations from the Epilepsy Foundation:

  • Use a diary and write down what’s likely to cause stress for you
  • Try to avoid stressful situations if it makes sense to do so, and if you can avoid it! If you can’t avoid it, can you let go of the worry it’s causing you?
  • When a stressful situation is unavoidable, make sure you are doing your best to get enough sleep and take your seizure medicine on time.
  • Find ways to diffuse a situation. Avoid people who cause anger and anxiety if you can. Try to approach them differently-it may help calm down the stressful situation.
  • Exercise regularly. Lots of research has shown the exercise helps lower stress.
  • Di your best to relax. Try exercise, yoga, tai chi, Pilates, a massage, cat naps, or relaxation and controlled breathing techniques.
  • Limit ling naps during the day. Sleeping during the day will cause sleep problems at night and make people feel worse
  • Keep to a daily routine. Pace yourself and take frequent breaks.
  • Set priorities for what is important in your life and let the rest go.
  • Seek help. Talk to your doctor, nurse, or counselor. Let them know what’s bothering you.


Find a support group to join or a group online if there is not one close by.

Christmas time and other holidays can be stressful.

I know what kind stress is bad for me. Hopefully this will help you too.