The definition of seizure by the Mayo Clinic is a sudden, uncontrolled electrical disturbance in the brain. In 2017 the CDC says that in the US 3,000,000 adults and 470,000 children have epilepsy.

North Carolina has 15,200 cases of epilepsy in ages of infant – 17 years old. Seizures are broken down into many types and have separate names now depending on location of the brain effected and symptoms that occur during a seizure. Not every seizure is the way people think they are. Not everyone with epilepsy falls to the floor and shake for a long amount of time. Some people just stare into space for a few seconds.

Teachers and bus drivers don’t need to know the medical terminology of what type of seizure a child is having. All they need to know is that something is wrong and what to do to keep the child from hurting themselves or possibly from death.

Texas is in the process of passing a law, Sam’s Law, where teachers are required to learn seizure first aid. The Epilepsy Association of NC is working to get a law passed like Sam’s Law. We need help. If you live in NC please check out our Facebook page for more information. ( If you want a bill passed like this in your state, contact your state representatives.