A pretty name for a beautiful girl named  Jasmine.  I met her mother, Dominique, on Google+ after starting a community for EPILEPSY. After talking to Dominique online and feeling all the love a mom and the rest of the family has for their “princess”, I had to write about them.

Jasmine has Dravet Syndrome.  Dravet Syndrome is another form of seizures that begin at infancy.  It is also called Severe Myoclonic Epilepsy of Infancy.  Patients have frequent and poor control of their seizures, delay in development, and there is a higher rate of Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) with Dravet Syndrome.  More information at,

Jasmine’s seizures started when she was four months old.  Every year the seizures would get worse.  Shaking and if she was standing, she would fall to the floor.  There would be as many as 20-50 grand mal seizures a day.  After seeing Jasmine go through this for 12 years and multiple doctors telling the family they didn’t know what was wrong.  Finally a doctor they saw knew what the diagnosis was.  In 2012, Jasmine was 13, surgery was the answer.  The answer was removing the corpus callosum.  The corpus callosum connects the left and right side of the brain.

During the surgery, the doctors lost Jasmine three times.  Dominique said it was by the grace of God and prayer that brought her back.  The doctors said that Jasmine might not walk or talk after the surgery.  She proved them wrong!  She has a wheelchair she uses when she hurts while walking, and can talk.  She has different forms of seizures and now 15-20 a day, not as many as 50. Dominique still worries about the seizures that occur during the night.  I wish people would understand that epilepsy during the night can kill during
the night.

Princess Jasmine would have a great day without having a seizure, and singing in church. The next day have 15, but still have a smile on her face.  Praying to God and putting Jasmine in God’s hands, God will watch over her, said Dominique.  Jasmine didn’t have to go to the hospital.  Doing great while having therapy, Jasmine went to SCHOOL in December in 2014!  SHE NEVER GIVES UP!

After never giving up, January 2015 was another month that was a horrible way to start the New Year.  Finding a bleed in her brain, after surgery they were able stop the bleed.  Jasmine being strong, was able to start physical therapy by the end of January.  A fighter that never gives up!  By October 2015, The seizures didn’t get better.  By November, another visit to the hospital.  Dominique says, “Dravet is no joke our children need a cure…”

I bet you can guess.  December comes and Jasmine can celebrate Christmas out of the hospital!  Visiting Santa and spending time with her family.  The family wants to find a cure!  They have a group of people raising money called Dreams On Wings.

I am sorry this is the longest story of people with epilepsy.  Jasmine and her family touch my heart.  I cry with the good and the bad times.

I want to end the with the happiest and most beautiful picture of a PRINCESS.  This will bring tears of joy and happiness!