The Center for Disease Control says that marijuana is less addictive than drinking and smoking.  A survey done by The Public Policy Polling, only 18% North Carolinians are against medical marijuana.  This survey was done before House Bill 983 (Legalizing and taxing medical marijuana).

Most everyone know that Marijuana is legalized in Colorado.  Parents with children that have intractable epilepsy, uncontrolled with treatment, either moved or made trips to Colorado for marijuana with low THC.  Parents or adults that use marijuana to help use a ratio of CBD oil to THC that works best to help control their epilepsy.  Legislation wants the THC to be low or nonexistent.  North Carolina ratio has to be 10%  CBD oil to less than 0.03% THC.

North Carolina House Bill Act 766 went effective 8-1-16, signed by Governor McCrory.  This law states that a physician can authorize the caregiver or parents illegal exemption for intractable epilepsy.

On April 26, 2016 House Bill Act 983 was introduced.  This bill will let patients and caregivers possess marijuana legally.  You can find the quality criteria to possess marijuana with THC legally in North Carolina, and the taxation rates in an article located in


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