If your doctor says brand name medication on the prescription, then why are patients made to take generic medication?  I know that generic medication is cheaper.  Drug stores want to save money so that they can make money.  Yet they make you think that they are saving you money. Think this through.  Usually the cheaper deals aren’t better for the money.  Well, most generic medications don’t do the work they are supposed to do. (especially epilepsy medications)  I know this for a fact!  I was seizure free for seven years then had to take a generic brand medication.  This was a decision made by my insurance company.  After one day of the generic medicine, I had the worst seizure that I had ever had.

a summary of generic vs. brand name meds……

I have a question.  Why do insurance companies decide which medicine is best for a patient, brand name or generic?  Aren’t doctors the ones that went to school for that?  Epilepsy patients and family members are the ones that know when seizures occur.  High blood pressure patients can tell when they don’t feel right.

Can we make a deal?  If you try a generic brand and it doesn’t work, then can you take the brand name at the generic cost for the rest of your life?  Think of the money that will be saved!  The patient won’t have to be put through more tests.  That means you don’t pay radiologists, an x-ray tech, or use of the equipment for the test.  The brand name medicine can be the cure for you!  Brand name medicine cured me for seven years until I was made to switch.  Now I have break through seizures.  It upsets me every time that I get told that I have to take generic.

Being the EPILEPSY ADVOCATE that I am, I explain the difference between the two.  It doesn’t matter if they are a pharmacist.  I have my story to tell.  I don’t want anyone else to be in a wreck like my daughters and me.