There are service dogs, therapy dogs, and seizure dogs.  Dog are amazing!  Service dogs can be for autism, hearing, mobility, and psychiatric service.

Seizure dogs can be response and/or alert.  Seizure alert dogs are able to detect when a seizure is going to occur.  It’s amazing that a dog can tell a difference in your motor skills and changes in your smell ten to twenty minutes before the seizure occurs.  Only fifteen percent of dogs have the ability to foresee a seizure.

Seizure response dogs are trained.  They are trained to help or assist during or after a seizure.  These dogs can call 911 by pushing a button on the phone, turn a person on their side to keep them from choking, or alert someone by barking.  They also can help people who are in postictal state.  Postictal state is the time after a seizure where the person is sleepy, confused, or disoriented.  The dog can help a person get up and lead them to a chair or a place to lie down.  While with this person after six months, the response dog can become alert and can foresee a seizure.

I find myself lucky.  My dog is an alert dog.  He didn’t have to be trained.  I have an aura before my seizure.  After noticing  “Scooter” staying close to me when I would have an aura or have a seizure, I knew he was my seizure dog.  There is a long waiting list for seizure dogs.  They are also expensive.

Every year, the physician’s office that I volunteer for has a dog show.  They raise money for seizure dogs.  The owners come to the show with their dogs dressed up.  One year I saw two dogs dressed up like Minnie and Mickey Mouse.  I’ll post pictures after the show.

Thank you service dog central, for the information.