After losing a loved one that you were married to for 29 years, I can say growing up together because we got married when we were 19. High school sweethearts. He knew about my epilepsy, but it was under control for the first four years That we were married. Having complex partial petit mals weren’t the worst. You just don’t drive.

Finding a doctor that knew what he was doing was great. We had to put everything though to help my seizures on hold. I got pregnant. The medication I was on then would only increase the chance of spina bifida 1%. We had to wait nine months before changing my medication. Medication after medication was so fun keeping up with.

People don’t know how you have to work off one medication, while adding the new one that you will take slowly. You just can’t start one and stop the other. The person you were married to you lost, and they understood. Other people, including the person you are dating, don’t. It’s, “WOW why do you have to take that much medicine”? Even after telling them you have epilepsy. It’s a pain to have to explain why.

While trying to date ever since my husband passed away I’ve had someone hang up on me, stand me up, and listen to me explaining why I take medication. Something new happened this weekend. The person said, “You don’t need to take that much medicine.” Uh, yes. If it helps control my seizures, I’ll take three different medications for my epilepsy. He said it again when it came time to take my medication. He asked me, “When was the last time you had a seizure?” I told him two weeks ago. The response was, “Then why are you taking so much medicine?”

I would love to not have to take any medication! Some are generic, that aren’t expensive. Some are brand name that makes their price “shoot through the roof!” They probably don’t know the difference between generic and brand name.

I just had to vent.