Adults Understanding Epilepsy

For the first time in my life I had a few people turn their back on me when I told them about my epilepsy. On a trip with the school that my daughter goes to as a chaperone. I planned to go separately so I could have my own hotel room, and fly there so I wouldn’t have to ride the bus. The bus ride was ten hours long. I got a call though asking if I would share a room with someone. I said yes not knowing until I got my information about the room that I would be a chaperone. Sharing a room with three other women and riding a bus full of high school kids for ten hours.

The ride up there wasn’t bad. As usual your teenage kid ignores you. I helped unload luggage from the bus. Met the women I was staying with and told them about why I had medicine with. Explaining my epilepsy and that the seizures I had didn’t last long. They didn’t need to do anything for me. They seemed alright with my epilepsy.

The first day on the tour was fine. The class group was broken up and put with their chaperone. Being excited, the kids walked faster and went their separate ways. I kept them all in my sight though. It was a great, fun day.

Returning to the hotel and going to the room I shared with three other women, a surprise was waiting for me. They said here is the key to the extra room the school had to reserve in case anyone tested positive for COVID-19 while on the trip. Oh, I thought great that’s what I wanted to begin with. My own room. Nice big bed to sleep in, my own shower.

All of a sudden I get a cold shoulder from the women I was rooming with. Only a few words here and there in passing. No room for me at the table they would eat at. Then it hit me. I was being looked down upon. Almost discriminated against. The biggest shocker I’ve had about epilepsy personally against me in a long time. Not work discrimination, but ADULT health discrimination. I can’t believe it, grown women! What do their kids learn from them?!? I didn’t say anything about one of them being obese, one a perfectionist you could tell right off by the way she walks, and the other just going with the flow.

I did what I enjoyed. I stayed closer to the kids. Got to know them. Met other chaperones. Oh, I got a KING size bed like I wanted to begin with!

I still feel a little hurt about the way they treated me, but I had fun anyway. People have got to remember that epilepsy can effect anyone at any age.


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