I was skeptical when I read that one of the epilepsy medicines I take is being made now by a 3D printer.  That’s ridiculous!  After knowing personally the difference between brand name medication and generic medication.  How can medicine be produced by a printer?

I needed more information.  One article wasn’t enough.  I found “ZipDose Technology”.  This technology uses aqueous fluid and layers of powdered medication to make a water-soluble “matrix” that disintegrates quickly with just a sip of fluid.  It doesn’t us compression.  Without compressing, this lets the doctor increase the dosage in just one pill.  This also means that dosage will be correct in every pill!

Wait, what did I just say?  THE DOSAGE WILL BE CORRECT IN EACH PILL!!  That’s what the article posted.  The article actually said, “precisely dosed”.  This is great for helping epilepsy and fighting generic medicine.  The FDA is also approving 3D printing medication.    For more information, here is a great article.


My question was answered, 3D looks like it will help with making epilepsy medication dosage correct in each pill.