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One day every year says a special thank you to dads.  They should be thanked everyday by saying,”I LOVE YOU”.

I have two thank you and I Love You.  One to my dad and one to my husband.  After having a seizure when I was eight, my dad would give me my medicine everyday.  He didn’t want me to miss one day without it.

I’ll share some stories about me and my dad.  The first is funny.  My dad would drive me to school everyday.  One day I was sick and stayed home with my mom.  My dad drove to the school without me in the back seat.  After turning around to say, “goodbye I love you”, he told us that he laughed.  No one has forgotten that story and talk about it every once and awhile.  Now, this story is about how he watched over me.  Before going out on a date, my mom and dad had to approve who I was going out with.  One guy did not meet their approval.  Dad told him to get off the porch.  He made a good decision because he loved me.

My husband has a lot of love and patience.  My seizures were under control when we got married.  He knew about them and still married me.  My seizures returned.  He was my rock.  Taking care of our daughters.  He was a softball coach.  Our oldest daughter is following in his footsteps.  She is a rookie fireman.  Our other daughter is too young to volunteer, but visits the fire department with dad.

Make sure you tell your dad, “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY.”


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