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After having epilepsy since he was two and getting Lyme Disease when he was a teenager, John Bramblitt slowly started losing his sight into colorful and detailed fingertips.  John is a well known artist.  He has been interviewed by Katie Couric and highlighted on the other TV stations.  John has also wrote a book  SHOUTING IN THE DARK.

John says in the “Huffington Post”, “because oil paints are made from different substances they have a viscosity and texture that varies slightly from color to color.”  Only knowing to look at the different shades of colors, I would not have known that there would be a way to feel the difference until I met John on Facebook.


With his inspiration coming from music, John is able to turn sounds into colors.  This is called synesthesia.  I think this would be a great way to relax for me.  Sitting back, listening to music, and look at colors.  Can I be jealous about seeing the color of music, John?  Another wonderful story that touched my heart was when the Huffington Post wrote about the birth of his son.

John was able to touch and “see” in detail his face.  Above all he was able to “feel” his first breath. Think about the way he explained “seeing” his son for the first time.  I first looked to see what color of hair and eyes my daughter had.  I wanted to see how long her fingers were because I play the piano.  I never stopped to think about touching her face to know how soft her cheeks felt, or to touch the top of her head to find out what her hair felt like.  Thinking about this opened my eyes.

I wanted to share another amazing story about how we overcome epilepsy!  Not just wanting to talk about it, but using your amazing ability to tell the whole world!  John travels the world selling and showing his artwork.

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