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 PamelWC epi paga Bell is strong willed and persistent to get what she wants.  She is a mother of two sons and a grandmother of four.  Pamela was diagnosed with CAUDA Equina Syndrome making her paraplegic.  The nerves in her lower back (between T-10 to T-12 disks) are damaged due to an injury.  She can stand for a few minutes but is not able to walk.  This makes her paraplegic and mobile in a wheelchair.
     Rapid eye movement had been bothering Pamela for years.  The doctors she saw wanted to say, “It’s all in your head”.  Not until 2013, after having a video EEG did they finally diagnose her with petit mal seizures.  You can find video EEG information here:

During this time Pamela was proving that her wheelchair didn’t keep her from achieving goals she had set for herself.  She participated in the Wheelchair Marathon Roller for the Wounded Warriors in Jacksonville, NC.  Every year in Asheville, NC there is a Miss Wheelchair NC Pageant.  Pamela has been a contestant  in 2007, 2012, and 2014. She had her first grand mal seizure last year.  Her doctor thinks it is stress related.  Every year Pamela goes with a group called Life Rolls On to the coast.  She catches waves on her surf board.

Now she has her own store called Vera Armetta’s Design.  There she designs wedding gowns and formal gowns for ladies in wheelchairs and regular gowns.  The dress shop is in N.C.

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