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Memorial Day is the celebration or remembrance of veterans who died in the line of duty.  Memorial Day is different from Veteran’s Day.  Veteran’s Day is a celebration for men and women serving in the armed forces. Did you know that this was celebrated since 1868?  The day was called Decoration Day then.  It was changed to Memorial Day in the nineteenth century.

I remember Brian.  I knew him when I was young.  I went to church with my grandparents and that is where I met him.  He is the person to thank for my love of music and playing the piano.  His dad was the choir leader and Brian played the piano.  There is one song that I remember, “Rise Again.”  He sang that song while he played the piano.

Brian joined the forces, I don’t remember which one.  He was on a helicopter when it crashed.  The crash took his life.  This is the first time I really understood how servicemen and women give their lives to their country.

One of my friend’s son also lost his life.  The accident happened almost three years ago.  I had never met him.  I feel like I knew him because of how often my friend mentions him.

Thank you everyone that is serving, or has served in the military that lost their lives.  Also don’t forget their families.


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