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There are a little over seven billion people on the earth.  Out of those seven billion people, sixty-five million have epilepsy.  With that many people having epilepsy around the world, three million of those people live in the United States.  Here is another fact, one out of twenty-six people have epilepsy.  Stop.  Think.  How many people have you talked to today?  How many people did you pass by in the mall or the grocery store?  Think about it, every time you have been shopping or at work, you might have passed by twenty-six people.  One of them might have epilepsy.

There are seizures that can be controlled with medicine, brain surgery, or new procedures.  There are one-third of people with epilepsy that have uncontrollable seizures. (Like Me)   My seizures are caused by scar tissue on the left side of my brain due to a high fiver when I was a baby.  I know the cause of my seizures, but six out of ten people with epilepsy do not know what causes theirs.

Living in the United States, with the modern technology we have, there are still four out of ten people who are getting the wrong treatment for epilepsy.  That number even increases to eight out of ten for developing countries.  We need your help.  More people need to be aware of epilepsy.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

There are 150,000 new cases of epilepsy diagnosed each year in the United States alone.  If there is nothing done to help research find a cure, will that number double worldwide?   After wondering which countries had a population of 300,000 people, I found the Virgin Islands, Barbados, and a few more that are on a list that is on the web site in parenthesis.  (http://www.virtualschoolsandcolleges.eu/index.php/All_countries_by_population).  WOW!

Will it be you or someone you know that one day epilepsy will occur for an unknown cause.  Sorry, I just have to put this into perspective.

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