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Dr. Dean is the co-founder and current Director of Epilepsy Institute of North Carolina since 1991.  She completed an MS degree in biochemistry at the University of Pittsburgh before attending medical school, and completed neurology residency at Bowman Gray School of Medicine and University of New Mexico.  She has a four-year fellowship in epilepsy at Bowman Gray School of Medicine and has enjoyed helping patients over 20 years through the unique blend of studying brain mechanisms through behavioral health sciences and neurological sciences at Epilepsy Institute, which she has fostered and encouraged in the community of Winston-Salem.  She has been recognized for contributions to her field locally and is a member of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, the Academy of Neurology, as well as the American Medical Association and the North Carolina Medical Society. She has a strong commitment to care of the developmentally delayed, children and adults with epilepsy, new onset epilepsy, and long-term care of patients with epilepsy, as well as understanding brain mechanisms in these types of patients.

Not only doedressed dogss it take a brain to become a physician, but it takes a heart of gold to become a doctor where you as a patient put your mind into a neurologist’s hands.   Dr. Dean has a heart of Gold.  She travels throughout the week to the offices in NC for patient’s appointments.  Working as a nonprofit physician, Dr. Dean helps people get care that mo
st of the time can not be afforded due to the cost of medical procedures and prescription drug prices.

Other than a love for helping people with epilepsy, Dr.Dean loves dogs!  She helps dogs with epilepsy.  Every year there is a Dog Show.  A large group of  Great Pyrenees dog lovers get together along with other breeds rescued.  Take a look at the mick and min dogswebsite for information about the office and activities.

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