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Having two daughters with almost ten years difference in age, it’s odd that the oldest has seen things that are now out of date.  I was fortunate enough to see an eight track player when I was little (HahA) because my parents kept theirs.  Some of my friends had never seen one before.  My oldest daughter was fortunate enough to see a record player.  I had one to play records while I followed along listening to it and looking at the book.  I gave it to her to use.
My youngest daughter has not had the privilege to see those.  She also has not watched STAR WARS!!!  Being nine years old she does not know that the “force shall be with her”.  We do have every movie on DVD.  The first three, really IV,V, and VI, were on VCR tapes first.  Finding out that next movie was going to be in theaters in December, I told my nine year old that we needed to watch the other movies.  She asked me how many movies that there was and how old was the first movie.  I told her that the first movie, I thought came out in 1975.  Then she proceeded to say, “Oh they had TV then?”  My head turned to look at my daughter.  Then she figured out what she said was incorrect.  “WHAT!?!”, I said.  She figured out what she said was WRONG.  “MOM,MOM, I didn’t mean that!”  All I could say was talk to the hand. (laughing and smiling, up went my hand with my arm extended)


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